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Precious Cargo #4
Precious Cargo #4
25 in. (h) x 15 in. (w) x 7 in. (d)

“they don’t want us to celebrate ourselves. love ourselves. they want us to wait for the world to kill our souls. wrap our bodies in silence. bury us. sing amazing grace. then call for a celebration. it won’t happen. you must learn to live. no matter what you are facing today, there’s always a reason for you to feel alive. don’t wait for tomorrow. flourish. strive to be better. start by taking care of yourself today. set your alarm. rise. 5 am. brush your teeth. go watch the sunrise. soul cleanse. take a shower. look yourself in the mirror. smile. take pictures of yourself. take a walk. drink water. let your eyes shine bright. watch a movie. read a book. listen to music. live. love. baby girl, celebrate yourself.” - Karen Owusu