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Precious Cargo #2
Precious Cargo #2
29 in. (h) x 14 in. (w) x 6 in. (d)

“I am the product of centuries of women who have learned to tend to their own backs, with their own oiled hands, and their own split black knuckles and their own yellow palms. I am from a line of women who have evolved mouths that slow kiss honey even after a full body burn. I am from the blood of women who’s eyes are always kind even after witnessing their homes break into a bloody war dance, a home, attempting time and time again to swallow them whole. I was grown out of the bones of women who birthed armies from blood, and plucked love, straight from the hands of God.
Who is more resilient than us, flowers that grew straight from the mouth of the devil.”
- Key Ballah, Skin and Sun