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I {heart} mom
I {heart} mom
8.5 in. (h) x 7 in.(w)

** Limited Edition : only 20 made!

This handmade wire heart is painted a delicious berry pink and embellished with a white satin ribbon that is hand embroidered with the title, job, calling, word, noun, verb - MOM.

To receive this by Mother's Day place orders by May 5, 2014.

Whether or not a baby has ever miraculously come out of your body, you are a mother. You have helped mother me, or your sister, or your girlfriend, or your cousin, or your neighbor, or a stranger. You have wiped a tear or a bottom. You have given counsel. You have talked someone you love off a ledge. You have nurtured and natured and gently nudged her to keep going when she was sure she couldn’t. You have read a storybook, shoveled a walk, waved across the parking lot, not even realizing you were saving someone’s life. - Jena Strong

The main thing that ever helped mothers was other people mothering them; a chain of mothering that keeps the whole shebang afloat. - Anne Lamott