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elegant restraint
elegant restraint
43 in.(h) x 21.5 in. (w) x 9 in. (d)

This particular sculpture was inspired by a dress by Bottega Veneta. Most of his collection reminded me of stylish, well-designed business attire. I found it interesting as I examined the structured style of the clothing, which evokes both a feeling of power and a sense of femininity as well.
I found myself musing over the idea of women in the workplace and the powerful positions held by many females and yet the irony that comes with the added pressure of appearance and attire. No one cares about Obama’s suit or a CEO’s tie and yet women are continually judged on appearance in the corporate world, in media, in politics, in our ordinary day- to-day lives. This sculpture reminds me how women may acknowledge their femininity and even stand unapologetically in their beauty and yet at the same time withhold enough to stand their ground, to be taken seriously and not objectified but rather, respected as a contributor to the greater good.

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